Join us at SKYFEST!

April 2nd, 2013

Tickets are available by phone at 800-965-9324 or online at . Hope to see you there!!!

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“Picnic Pals” has arrived!

February 28th, 2013

There is someone that we want to introduce to you! Her name is Emily Sarah Skelding : )

This beautiful 11 year-old girl lives in Alabama with parents Brian and Michele and siblings, Andrea, Meagan and Brennan. Emily is the “Sunshine” of… her family. She has a passion for reading, creating and the color purple.

In June of 2009 Emily was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia. As she has journeyed this path she has shown a quiet strength and courage that is a testimony of the power of God to transform through suffering.

When she is older, Emily wants to teach children about Jesus and help feed hungry children, a passion she developed after reading about ChildCry.

Emily has written a sweet little story (and illustrated all the pictures you will find in the book!) about friendship that sends an important message to children across all ages. She decided to link up with ChildCry to help her distribute her book. Here is the incredible thing… 100% of the profits will help feed hungry kids.

Emily has inspired all of us, here at ChildCry. Get your hands on a copy of this book and allow her to inspire you and all your loved ones who will read it…

Buy it now at :D

A great read!

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Meet our new friend from South Africa : )

February 14th, 2013

One of the feeding program sites that ChildCry supports is through an orphanage in South Africa. We want you to meet the newest addition to the Mthaleni Orphanage :D Looking at him now, it’s hard to believe that only a little over a year ago this young boy had no where to live, no food to eat, and no way to sustain himself. Quitting school shortly after both his mother and grandmother passed away, he found himself living on the streets. When the Mthaleni Orphanage took him in he was rough and had to learn how to adapt to the new people and environment around him. But fifteen months later, just one glance at his face and you can see the evidence of a transformed life. Although still adjusting to his surroundings, he has embraced his new family at the Orphanage, is in the process of completing fifth grade, and has a heart that loves God…the God who saves!

When you help us support children just like these by donating to ChildCry, you do so much more than feed a hungry kid…you change a life : )

The newest family member : )

The family at the Mthaleni Orphanage


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ChildCry India!

December 20th, 2012

In November, our very own Amy Mathews went to India and in her travels, had the opportunity to visit two ChildCry Feeding Sites.  She came back with some great photos, tear-jerking stories, and an incredible testimony of God’s unfathomable love.

The first ChildCry feeding program Amy visited was nestled in the town of Mughalsarai, India.  This is  where between 30-50 orphans gather together every day to eat lunch.  This particular week the orphans gathered in the home of the Pastor to receive their daily portion.  What’s on the menu?  Rice is served with hard boiled eggs and curry.  The children, ranging between the ages of 7-16, are runaways who live in the Railway Station which is bustling with travelers and commuters.  Most carry a bottle filled with “Whitener” (glue) that they sniff  in order to help suppress their hunger pains.  Painfully obvious signs of malnutrition (some even having blonde or red colored hair due to a lack of nutrition), dirt-covered skin and nails, and a rowdy disposition are the first things that are noticed.  But when it came time to gather for lunch Amy mentioned that in their eyes was life and a smile that adjoined.

The second ChildCry feeding program Amy stopped by to see required quite the commute.  Being that it was 3.5 hours away from any local city; endurance, patience, and perseverance was needed!  Three hours of the trip was spent in a car, riding on hole-filled dirt roads while the last leg of the trip included biking up and down mountains.  Upon arrival a one-room mud building stands surrounded as far as the eye can see with sprawling rice farms.   In this little building, between 50-60 children walk from the surrounding countryside with their dish and utensils in hand for lunch.  What’s being served?  Whole wheat chapathi  (which is a type of bread) and vegetable curry.   Although they are not homeless, these children are impoverished and receive both food and basic educational instruction at the feeding program.  Ranging in age between 3-10, most are consistently sick (with runny noses, fevers, congestion, sneezing, etc.).

These are only two of the many feeding sites that are taking place EVERY DAY, throughout the world.  Excited or moved by what you’ve seen or heard? Get involved : )  Keep an eye out for the launching of our new website for new ways to get your hands dirty, follow us on twitter and/or facebook for updates and opportunities, or give through donation.  We feed hungry kids with your help.  : )

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boys will be boys

October 2nd, 2012

Picture snapped in Lusaka Zambia, where it all began for the ChildCry ministry back in 2004. We’ve been working closely with Kakabalika House and Pastor Reuben to help reach out to boys that once had no place but the street to call home but now find themselves being nourished in body, mind and soul. Shot below taken by our good friend Ryan Unruh.


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