Lunch in Honduras

August 19th, 2014

Hungry? This rice, bread and chicken is one of the lunches the kids in our Honduras program got to eat last week. We sent out a team to serve at a school for deaf children in Pedro San Sula and they are having an awesome time! ChildCry provides school lunch for the kids so they can stay focused in class and experience the love of God practically. Bon appetit!

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Are You Praying?

July 30th, 2014

So a few days back we posted about a really pressing need for your prayers on behalf of ChildCry. Like we said, a letter was sent out to all our program leaders in the field telling them about our financial needs and asking them to pray with us. We got an email back from Nicaragua with this picture:

The kids are praying! Are YOU?

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The Secret Weapon

July 23rd, 2014

We sent a letter out this week. It was addressed to our amazing ChildCry volunteers on the ground in the 22 countries we serve. It wasn’t a thank you, it wasn’t instructions, it wasn’t about logistics–it was a request to bring out the secret weapon: prayer!

And today we are sharing that request with you guys as well. We hadn’t been able to get the word out about ChildCry for quite a while, simply because of lack of manpower. Now that we’ve got a few extra hands on deck, we’re back in business, letting you know about the work we’ve continued to do behind the scenes.

In the meantime, ChildCry’s funding has taken a hit, and some of our programs in the field are feeling the effects of that. So we asked them: would you pray with us for ChildCry? And we asked them to tell the kids too! Why? Because ChildCry is the Lord’s work, and He will be the one to sustain it. And because God has soft spot for kids, like we do :)

Sure we’ve got some practical solutions up our sleeves, but we thought, why not bring out the big guns first and call on GOD HIMSELF to feed His children?

So the question now is to you: will you pray with us for ChildCry?

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Food for Thought

July 18th, 2014

Hey! Ever wondered what we feed the kids? Well, because 100% of ChildCry proceeds go to buying food, we don’t employ cooks or ship food over or anything like that. As long as it’s good for them, kids fed by ChildCry get to eat what they know, cooked by awesome volunteers on the ground. Example: This plate is piled high with some authentic,delicious Haitian food! For a hungry kid in Haiti, it doesn’t get much better than that :)   Happy weekend, people.

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The Gospel on the Ground

July 16th, 2014

Doctrinal questions and fine theological points aside, the gospel is always so practical. One of our newest ChildCry sites–called La Camila–ministers to “squatters: living just outside of Medellin. These people have been forced to leave their homes because of violence and now reside in small shacks pieced together with scraps and materials they have managed to scavenge from the surrounding area. Many of the children are unable to travel the long distance to school and don’t eat regularly because of their family’s condition.

Enter: ChildCry :)

colombia cookingcr

At La Camila, a group of young people lead the program for the children which always includes a free meal. Many of the kids say this is the best meal they get all week. That’s huge!

This weekend while the TSC team was visiting, three kids gave their lives to Christ! Incredible! Food. Jesus. Don’t see the connection? Well, on the most basic level, when do you find easiest to focus on hearing and retaining important information? When you can’t hear your thoughts over the growling of your stomach? When you feel faint and dizzy because you haven’t had a solid meal in days? Of course not!

And on an equally practical level, it’s tough to convince someone you care for them when you have the means to meet their most glaring and obvious need and don’t. That’s why we’re here–to be Jesus as we speak Jesus–one meal, one word, one life-changing trip at a time.

colombia kids eatingcr

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