Part 3: A Day in the Life of a Donation to ChildCry

December 3rd, 2014

Line up, guys! Our cooks and volunteer servers make sure every kid gets a generous helping of whatever’s on the menu.

No words to describe the yum. These ladies don’t just have big hearts, they have major SKILLS!

This is the moment they’ve all been waiting for…

(no photographer was harmed in the shooting of this photo)

And just like that, the gap between the little ones who have and the ones who have not, gets a little smaller. We feed hungry kids. And we can’t keep doing it without you:

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Part 2: A Day in the Life of a Donation to ChildCry

December 2nd, 2014

Our cooks don’t always prepare the same meals. When they can, they spice it up with different foods so the kids can experience variety in their diets.

Food’s ready! Who’s hungry??? :D

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Part 1: A Day in the Life of A Donation to ChildCry

December 1st, 2014

We live in a world of startling and often disheartening contrast. Wealth and opulence living right along with poverty and squalor.

For us, this makes it easy: the areas of greatest need are right next door.

Ok, so now we’ve found where the need is greatest. Next we figure out what the kids who live there eat! What is healthy, fresh and delicious yet familiar to the little ones we will be serving?

We take 100% of the donations we’ve received from friends of ChildCry, hand them over to our trusted local volunteers on the ground and send them shopping!

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ChildCry at the Christmas Market!

November 30th, 2014

Net proceeds from today’s #Christmas Market at@tscmissions will help feed hungry little girls in this elementary school in #Haiti! Swing by and shop with a purpose!

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No Mac & Cheese

November 24th, 2014

Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets! :) Those might be popular menu items with some of our American kids, but not so much with our Afghan ones. One of our favorite things about #ChildCry is that we don’t just feed hungry kids, but we feed them local food they recognize and enjoy

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