Women’s Gathering

This morning, Saturday, Nov. 14th, Greenock had the privilege to welcome Teresa Conlon as the speaker of a women’s conference held in Town Hall.

Women of all ages and backgrounds had arrived early and the room was filled with anticipation when the meeting started, at 10:00am. Grey hair, blond hair, jeans , traditional skirts - the diversity of the crowd did not reflect the unity of expectations, as everybody prepared for the three hours of meeting that would include worship, teaching and fellowship in the most traditional English tradition: around tea and shortbreads.

Worship was lead by the five members of the Youth Music Outreach team. Supported by only one guitar, their beautiful  voices raised songs almost A cappella in the old building, with the crowd engaging in the worship with much sincerity, seeking God and worshiping Him in unity. The presence of God became tangible as we worshipped and focused more and more on Jesus. When it ended we were all ready and eager to hear from God, through Pastor Teresa.

A company of women

She first encouraged us through scriptures, referring to women of faith who believed in Jesus as “a company of women that astonished us by their testimony”.  Her topic then went on through the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1: this woman had a deep longing and was crying out to God. We were reminded that similarly to Hannah, we might be eager to see our womb bear fruit, if we consider the womb on a spiritual point of view, and the capacity to recreate spiritual life. A jump into Genesis stressed that Eve was called Eve AFTER the fall, EVE, meaning “life-giver”: her destiny was clear even when she was at her lowest. We were also warned by the story of Lot’s wife: so close to her deliverance she remained frozen, because she did not look high enough.

On this note we were encouraged not to pull back but to look at Jesus. Greenock needs women who can astonish the world with their testimony. As she kept on sharing her burden for the women of Greenock, with the presence of God resting heavily on all of us, a sudden wail tore the silence: The spirit of God was touching a woman and the famous British reserve blew out as she let the Holy Spirit minister to her. The wave then reached several women who joined her in weeping and praying (including praying in tongues). The whole room was overwhelmed by God’s ministry to the hearts. Slowly, peace came back. It was then time for the closing of the meeting, with a prayer by Pastor Teresa.

Tea time

With spirits lifted and thankful for what had happened, we were ready for tea-time. We were ushered in the back, where a range of tables awaited us. Neatly decorated with flowers, in a classy English taste, they carried a good variety of cookies and shortbreads. We were able to fellowship with the women present. Most of them were from  the local churches, and I was impressed by the dedication they had for the work of Christ in this land. The ones I had a chance to talk with had either been working a lot for this event to take place, or had been praying for a long time for a revival.

I believe this meeting provided a huge encouragement to these women and I cannot wait to hear  reports about how God will be moving in this country in the coming weeks.


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