Was it really only 16 hours ago that the fire alarms rattled us from bed? So much has happened since that “wake up call,” months could have passed. Today, Armistice Day, our team attended Remembrance Day service with the Greenock East End Parrish congregation. Service was held in a local community center complete with basketball hoops and wonderful fellowship. Later, after dinner, our team walked home through the streets of Greenock and talked about the day.

“…I was moved and encouraged by the older folks at the church…see how God has kept them in the walk for so long,” said Cedric. Gaby exclaimed, “I was overwhelmed during service by how amazing God is. Here I am a girl from Queens and God sent me to Scotland to be part of His plan.” Louie was “really touched by how friendly the people were and how excited they were to have us here.” Doc remarked, “I’m in awe that God chose me to be a part of what he is doing all the way over in Greenock, Scotland.”