Business Team at Mount Kirk Church in Greenock

The business team stepped out of a brisk chilly night into the arms of the warm and cozy congregation at the Mount Kirk Methodist Church. The worship was tender and joyful. Our team leader preached a message about the accessibility of God; that we can go directly to the throne of God with our problems because any other resource or solution does not have the power to help us.

After the service, the team enjoyed a time of hospitality prepared lovingly prepared by some of the ladies from Mount Kirk. The biscuits and hot tea served in real china cups as opposed to New York paper cups initiated brief introductions that turned into meaningful conversations. We shared about each other and talked about the upcoming conference in town hall. No one wanted to leave, however, we finally bid farewell, promising to look for our new friends throughout the week. Their hearts were stirred with expectation in anticipation of what God is going to do in Greenock.