The kids in the daycare team studied about castles in their class prior to coming to Scotland, and what little girl doesn’t know about Cinderella and the beautiful castle she lives in with Prince Charming? So naturally, when we told them that we were visiting “a castle” there was some excitement. They were told not to expect a princess to greet us at the door, but you know little ones, sometimes their memories are a little short!

We visited Newark Castle in Greenock, which was built in 1420. Before we got out of the car, questions about who lives here were being asked. This was not the image of a castle the children had, but we tried to explain to them that real people once lived there. Then one of them replied, “That’s nothing special.” 

At dinner that night one of the other team members was asking the kids what they were going to do in Scotland. When the team member was told that we would be visiting a nursing home later in the week, she asked if she could come along. One of the kids stated, “Only if you’re going to praise the Lord.” Even at their young ages, these children know why they are here.