The day began for the business team sharing about seeds being deposited in our new friends’ lives and likewise seeds being deposited in our lives; and this is what continues to happen each day that we are here.

Relationships that began on Monday at the Businessmen’s Fellowship Dinner continued to flourish and develop depth while new friendships were also made. Once again, it is the one-on-one conversations that define the most special moments. Hearing our Scottish friends’ transparent hearts humbles us as we learn that we are the same in spite of being an ocean apart amidst different cultures and accents. (We decidedly prefer the Scots’ accent!) We all find ourselves somewhere in the same cross-sections: believers who are struggling in need of encouragement; people discovering or rediscovering their faith; seeking to conduct their professional lives with purpose, integrity and humility. The divine intersections are developing something in them and in us as we speak into each other’s lives and most important, listen to each other’s stories. The more we listen to them, the more we hear God’s voice: “I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear, But now my eye sees you.” (Job 42: 5)